Employee Spotlight | Manoj Ginoya | Deputy Director of IT

January 3, 2022

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Employee Spotlight | Manoj Ginoya | Deputy Director of IT

People are the key to our success as a website design company. DevDigital has completed over 2,000 projects. Deputy Director of IT at our Vadodara, India office, Manoj Ginoya, has been involved in most of those projects at some level in his over 12 years with the company.   

Follow us as we get to know Manoj a little better.

How long have you worked for DevDigital?  

"I have been working with DevDigital for more than 12 Years."  

What was your first position at DevDigital?  

"I was a software engineer when I joined DevDigital in August 2009."  

What did you study in college? Why did you choose that subject?  

"I completed my bachelor's degree in computer engineering in 2005. I love to write programs for computer software and am curious to gain knowledge about things related to computers. Also, I have done little study and analysis in various engineering fields and I found computer engineering most valuable for me. These are the reasons I chose this subject."  

Can you describe your Deputy Director role? What is a typical day at work like?  

"This role includes the responsibility to ensure smooth operations of activities of management and technical personnel of the organization. I closely work with heads of all departments to ensure consistency of goals, processes, policies, standards, and technical procedures with help and guidance from Michael Hunt (DevDigital’s Chief Technology Officer) and Sanjay Vyas (Administrative Director of the Vadodara office). I work with them on handling critical project tasks, clearing blockers on projects, managing daily operations, and communicating with the heads of different departments or their team leads. I ensure that teams are following all relevant standards, procedures, and policies.   

I also listen to questions/problems from employees and provide suitable answers/solutions. If I cannot for any reason, I take them to upper management for resolution." 

What is your proudest accomplishment to date at DevDigital?  

"I have performed various roles and responsibilities during my journey with DevDigital to date. Staring from Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Team Lead, Head of the web development team, and now as Deputy Director of IT. I believe in adding value to people, helping people, and more people you can add to help/value is a key to success for anyone. This is what I have tried my best throughout my journey with DevDigital and I can say this is my proudest accomplishment at DevDigital."  

Where do you see yourself in five years?  

"I would not mention a specific milestone for this. Rather, as I said in my proudest accomplishment, keep adding value to people, help more people, as many people you can add to value/help, your team will be so strong and successful, and hence you will be successful. If your organization is successful, management will take note of your achievement and it will be a stepping stone for me toward my career growth. I am confident that I can handle any responsibilities that will be given to me during my journey with DevDigital."  

How do you like to spend your time when you are not working?  

"I like to spend time with my family, playing with the kids, and going out with them for outdoor games. I love to watch movies in theaters with my family. I read and learn new things on the internet which are not related to my job or computers/software."  

What is your key to success?  

"Adding value to people, helping people, and more people you can add to help/value is a key to success for anyone. If you lift your people or team member up, it is your success too."  

Through Manoj's expertise and leadership ability, DevDigital has been able to complete over 1.6 million development hours all while overseeing a team of over 133 experts. We are very grateful to have Manoj at the helm of our Vadodara office making sure that all projects hit their budgeted timeline. His efforts are key to our client retention making sure that clients continue to use DevDigital for all of their website and software or app development needs. 

Having a team of experienced developers and project managers ready to partner with your company is crucial to your long-term success. Contact us today to find out how Manoj and our team can help make your digital project a success. 

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