How DevDigital's SEO Services Contributed to Tremendous Growth for JoyBridge Kids

December 20, 2021

Posted by: DevDigital

How DevDigital's SEO Services Contributed to Tremendous Growth for JoyBridge Kids

JoyBridge Kids is a therapy provider for children with autism based in Mount Juliet, TN. Founder Rogers Clayton opened the center in January of 2021 to help children with autism, and their parents. They had a great program of evidence-based training. What they lacked were clients. In April of 2021, Clayton hired DevDigital to help them get more online search traffic with the goal of growing their enrollment. Our search engine optimization (SEO) work drove substantial gains in traffic to their website resulting in a surge in enrollments.  

More About JoyBridge Kids 

They use one-on-one training that draws upon applied behavioral analysis (ABA) to help children with autism reach their full potential. Teachers trained in ABA principles work with children to teach impulse control and other skills while also correcting socially undesirable behaviors. JoyBridge offers two education programs. The Early Excellence ABA Program serves children 2 to 7, while the After School Excellence ABA Program serves children 5 to 8.  

JoyBridge also runs supporting services for students and their parents. Speech therapy helps children communicate. As parental involvement is crucial to the child’s progress, Behavior Analysts train parents to help them carry out relevant parts of the child’s behavior support plan. Occupational therapists help JoyBridge students with life skills, motor control, and other behavioral changes.   

How SEO Helped JoyBridge Kids Grow 

We started doing search engine optimization work for JoyBridge Kids in April of 2021. In making their website easy for parents of children with autism to find, DevDigital set to work on creating a robust SEO strategy to help JoyBridge Kids get in front of their ideal target audience 

We supplemented that on-site work by doing quarterly keyword research, submitting their site to search engines, creating helpful Google My Business posts for parents, and by writing blog posts about JoyBridge’s services and programs. We also posted the blogs to a variety of sites, that would then link back to JoyBridge Kids’ site to generate more traffic and more site authority. Months of sustained effort produced impressive growth.  

The Mount Juliet center opened in January 2021 and had grown to 43 kids and 38 employees by November 2021. This is two children shy of maximum enrollment for the center. JoyBridge plans to add new locations in the Nashville area. When asked how much of this growth could be attributed to DevDigital’s SEO efforts Mr. Clayton’s response was “oh, all of it.”  

Here is what Mr. Clayton had to say about the DevDigital SEO team in a recent email:  

“Heather and Kristin have taken a tremendous personal interest in our work, and we are extremely grateful for all they have done!  They have gone above and beyond. Their belief and enthusiasm for our work has shown in the results that DevDigital has helped us drive. I’m so grateful for Heather’s leadership in helping us serve kids and families in Middle Tennessee.”   

A sustained effort to help potential customers find your business online can pay huge dividends, but the work takes time and requires specialized knowledge. If you need a technology partner to create an SEO-optimized website and promote it using a variety of proven SEO tactics, please consider reaching out to DevDigital. 

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