Client Spotlight: Bell and Associates

November 4, 2019

Posted by: DevDigital

Client Spotlight: Bell and Associates

DevDigital’s SEO program continues to provide its clients with top-notch search engine optimization. In fact, clients who go with DevDigital’s SEO program see their average web traffic increase by more than double (sometimes triple) what it was originally before signing up with DevDigital.

One of those clients is Bell and Associates. Bell and Associates is a construction firm who has led over 1,000 construction projects across the southeast. Some of the most notable projects where they’ve served as construction manager in Nashville include the Bellsouth Building (commonly known as the Batman Building), the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, the Music City Center, and First Tennessee Park.

In addition to SEO, we’re also in the process of creating a new website for them.

We recently got the chance to talk with Bell and Associates about its experience with DevDigital.


What sparked the idea to pursue DevDigital's SEO program?
Our previous website vendor didn’t offer SEO services, and we wanted to find someone who could be a one-stop shop and help us with all of our website and SEO needs.

What ultimately made you decide to go with DevDigital when looking for SEO help?
After meeting with DevDigital, we felt confident that they could suit all of our needs within our budget. DevDigital presented an affordable and thorough SEO and website plan. They provided examples and set realistic expectations for us and have adhered to everything they proposed since we first met.

How has your experience been working with DevDigital?

DevDigital makes everything easy for us to understand, and is always available to answer questions. They respond quickly and are always happy to jump on a call. Their backend set up is convenient and user friendly, so moving forward our website will be easy to edit for anyone, and not just for a web developer who knows the technical ins and outs.

What are some lessons you learned along the way during the development process? 

A website doesn’t have to be a chore or difficult to manage, and SEO is a moving target. We feel so fortunate to work with experts like Dev Digital ensuring our company gets in front of customers and employees, alike.

Want to learn about how DevDigital can improve your website’s search engine presence like we’ve done with Bell and Associates? Reach out to us here.


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