What’s in it for you to upgrade your PHP system?

June 13, 2019

Posted by: Grant Owens

What’s in it for you to upgrade your PHP system?

Like all technology, the programming language PHP continues to evolve and see new changes.

A few months ago, we discussed in one of our blog posts why we program with PHP and the benefits of using a scripting language since the mid-90’s.

DevDigital has nearly completed the process of migrating the upgrades to the newest version of PHP 7.2 for 500 customer websites.

We understand, however, the hesitancy of the client to make this update. It may seem like sticking with their PHP version (usually 5.6) is an ideal solution if the site continues to function normally on 5.6. But, we would encourage those on the fence to consider making the switch. Below are a few reasons why a PHP upgrade is necessary for your website.

Support has passed

All PHP 5.6 supported websites will no longer receive support, feature updates or fixes, as 5.6 has reached it’s EOL (end of life.) Each PHP version goes through a three-year life cycle. The first two years, the version goes through a standard support phase, where bugs and security matters are fixed if they arise. The final year only sees the version receive critical security updates. After those three years, active support is moved off that version.

Better performance

Sites running PHP 7.2 or higher also have stronger capabilities as far as visitor capacity and upload speed. Those websites can handle twice has many visitors as PHP 5.6 could, while also using the same amount of memory, and are also twice as fast (PHP 7.3 will be three times as fast.)

More features

In addition to the previous features in 5.6, PHP 7.2 brings with it a bevy of new features that were rolled out with the new versions, including, but not limited to: a 64-bit Windows Support System, PHPNG (next generation), the ability to add anonymous classes, enabling developers to improve their code with the assistance of return type declarations, and new Spaceship and Null Coalescing Operators.

If these reasons are enough to change your mind about upgrading your website’s PHP capabilities, reach out to us here and we’ll be happy to assist.


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