How can DevDigital increase your SEO and web presence?

April 19, 2019

Posted by: DevDigital

How can DevDigital increase your SEO and web presence?

One can make an argument that search engine optimization is a company’s most important asset. A business can have a flashy website with the most enticing visuals and products that are top of the line, but it’s all null and void if no one can find their services through a quick Google search.

In fact, 95% of web traffic goes to sites on the first page of a Google search engine results page (commonly known as SERP). Information like this is why being one of the first results on a search is so key for businesses.

So, how can DevDigital help clients increase their web presence? By offering them the most comprehensive SEO options in the state of Tennessee.

DevDigital is proud to announce its new and much-improved SEO program geared to giving our clients a market-leading edge over their competition. We have completely reformed our SEO packages and added unprecedented functionality not offered by any other company in Nashville. To put it plainly, we have created the new gold standard in SEO offerings in Nashville.

Our aim is to give our customers the resources and tools they need to dominate in search results within their industries. We are already seeing incredible growth in traffic for our customers of 23-82 percent! Our new program allows you to customize your SEO offerings, "A la carte" style, to fit your company's needs. To put it plainly, DevDigital SEO is the gold standard in Music City, and we worked hard to make it that way.

The program is broken up into three separate genres: Music City Basic, Annual Check-In, and the creme de la creme, Premium Monthly. Each one offers a bevy of features to help with your goals, with the monthly option giving potential clients the most features and bang for their buck. This package offers monthly reports and feedback on how their site is performing from a search engine standpoint. These reports, as mentioned earlier, are customizable to your liking and are delivered to our clients in hard copy form as well as video form where we break down the report for you and explain what the information is telling us. No more guessing at what reports mean, we will walk you through it each time to you know what to take away from it to aid your business moving forward. Interested in seeing what demographic makes up your organic searches? We can do that, as well as numerous other options that best suit your business needs.

We have also added a la carte options like a testimonial tool that increases positive reviews on Google and other platforms by as much as 200% in the first quarter. We also offer Google ads and increased optimization for those clients whose businesses have many industry-specific keywords.

We want to help you reach the top of the search page with our insights. If you’re interested in learning more about our newly revamped SEO services, feel free to reach out to our SEO team ( DevDigital is excited to talk with you and show you the unbelievable tools it has compiled to tackle your search engine goals.


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