Creating A Useful App

May 19, 2016

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Creating A Useful App

As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, apps are increasingly being developed for global use. As more companies choose to create apps, it is important to know what it takes to develop a useful app to keep users engaged and happy. In an article by Google, they break down the top steps to create a useful app:

  1. Think like the user, then design the UX. It is theorized that people coming to an app will fall into three types: active users, curious users, and passive users who have no intent at all but just want to browse the app. It is wise to develop an app that appeals to all three types. Search functionality so active users can find exactly what they are looking for, categorical organization to help curious users zero in on a topic, and recommended features to help passive users become acquainted with and engaged with the content.
  2. Remember that users are people, not demographics.Although it can be easy to rely solely on business or audience demographics, it can be easy to forget that you’re solving a problem for people themselves. Know your demographics and what makes your target audience excited and focus on it.
  3. When promoting an app, consider all the situations in which it could be useful
    Know the habits of your target user groups and learn when they will be using your app. If they are using it briefly while on a coffee break, design your app accordingly. Whether they are using it briefly or for extended periods of time, know the user habits of your target audience and cater it to their schedules.
  4. Keep working on the utility of the app even after launch. A combination of acquisition and retention can often be the key to an app’s growth. However, what is even more important is UX improvements even after the launch. This makes sure that your app is useful and relevant as time continues on.

If your goal is to build an audience or maintain engagement with a current market, it is best to think how you can most efficiently interact with your target user group. As long as your app is useful to its users, then it should have no problem being used time and time again.

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