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May 6, 2016

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DevDigital- May

The 360 Degree Dashboard

At the heart of our Digital world is a growing body of evidence revealing that reliance on financial measures alone will critically undermine the strategies required to survive and thrive long term. As many firms are now discovering “To rely on financial measures alone is like trying to win a tennis match by watching the scoreboard.” 

Every Measure Tells a Story-- Smart companies are using digital technologies to gain insights in real-time — such as cultural performance, customer satisfaction & attraction, wait times, points of interest, process cycle times and the possibilities are endless — and all of it is now part of a 360 degree performance evaluation. The power of technology enables firms to have insights never before available and it is from these insights smart companies can find their competitive advantages. In this Did You know we share some stories of what others are doing and how they do it.

Businesses Success 

The True Measure of Success

Businesses commonly spend time and resources to measure the wrong aspects of their performance. Often, businesses overlook the importance of focusing on the statistics associated with their overall objectives. Time spent focusing on the wrong statistics drives poor decisions. In the Harvard Business Review, Michael J. Mauboussin discusses how to track and utilize the true measures of success. Read More Here.


Welcome To The Post App World

Technology is getting so smart from all of our data that it now allows us to choose what we want and who will give it to us. We need to think less of the Internet as something we go to, but more in terms of the notification layer as a place for suggested prompts of what our phones think are relevant to us. The cue to book an Uber as it’s raining, the weather forecast on our notification screen as we wake up, the rarely available 8 o’clock dinner slot from a late cancellation, and the late flight departure are all best served to us as a notification. A great article on LinkedIn Pulse by Tom Goodwin discusses how apps can become gateways to everything, allowing us to choose what we want, rather than who gives it to us. Read More Here.


The Power Of Listening

In terms of gaining people’s trust and attention, listening goes a long way. In order to measure success and feedback, you must be able to listen well. In networking, meetings, digital communication, and performance reviews—listening is crucial. In an article by Betty Liu published on LinkedIn, she discusses more about this basic, yet crucial skill. Read More Here.


Actionable Insights

Most companies want to be data-driven or at least have data contribute to their overall business strategies. While most companies desire to use data in their decision making processes, only 29% of companies succeed with connecting analytics to action, according to a Forbes article written by Brent Dykes. By choosing strategic insights and following through with corresponding actions, you are more likely to turn insights into profitable action. Read More Here.


Using KPI’s To Measure SEO Success

Tracking Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not always a simple or easy process. However, by utilizing some basic tools and consistently tracking set KPIs, businesses are able to make informed and strategic decisions. In a Huffington Post article by Chris Rodgers, he discusses the importance of Goals in Google Analytics, Keyword Rankings as an SEO KPI, and LPOV (Landing Page Organic Visits). To learn more about the top three KPIs for measuring SEO performance, click here.

In an ever-changing business climate, it is important to monitor the success and progress of every business move. By considering financial AND non-financial influences, a business is most likely to achieve its goals—and beyond. 

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