Nashville is the 'IT' City

May 19, 2016

Posted by: DevDigital

Nashville is the 'IT' City

It is no secret that Nashville is growing at a rapid rate. The expansion of our city continues to be on the upswing. From the new residents moving here every single day to the growth of our job market, Nashville has become one of the most talked about cities in America. We have also become the “IT” city with a booming tech industry. Information Technology (IT) is a growing industry as a whole, but Nashville boasts one of the most promising tech communities in the nation.

Nashville locals are not the only people picking up on our city’s growth—we have ranked on some of the top lists about the best cities in America. In the past couple of years, Nashville has won the following rankings (as reported by the Nashville Technology Council):

#2 Fastest Growing City for Tech Jobs


January 2015


#1 State for Education: Tech Skills

Business Facilities

July 2015


#8 City Creating the Most Technology Jobs

Praxis Strategy Group

April 2015


#12 Best Metro Area for STEM Professionals


January 2015


#9 Up-And-Coming City for Tech Jobs


July 2015

Anyone who lives in Nashville or has spent time in this city can easily recognize the growth and potential that our community offers. Although we don’t need validation to know that we are onto something good with our growing tech community, it sure is nice to be recognized for well-deserved work. Nashville isn’t just music city, we are the “IT” city.


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