What To Do Before Taking Your Business Mobile

May 19, 2016

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What To Do Before Taking Your Business Mobile

Businesses are spending more and more focus on taking their efforts mobile. Without a good strategy and proper timing, however, it can be easy to fail. According to HuffPost Tech, there are three main strategies to consider when developing a mobile product: they must be beautiful, they must understand us, and they must learn about us as we use them. Here are the steps broken down:

1. The best mobile products are beautiful.

Mobile products that reach levels of success are beautiful—functionally and physically. Beauty in this realm can be classified by efficiency and the “wow factor.” Design elements, ease of use and maximized space are all factors to consider.

2. The best mobile products focus on what matters to us.    

The magic of mobile products is that they can be accessed by us anytime and anywhere. In order for us to remain engaged, the product must understand what it is that we want. Mobile products that take a personal approach and focus on community are often times more successful than their counterparts that don’t focus as much on the human aspect of technology. The more personalized the better. It makes us feel important.

3. The best mobile products learn as we use them. 

The mobile products that learn user behavior and adapt accordingly are wildly successful because they learn how to best serve our behavior as users. Since user behavior changes often, mobile products that also fluctuate are able to keep up with user expectations.

According to HuffPost, these three qualities make up the Mobile Formula that helps mobile products succeed in a competitive marketplace.

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