DevDigital Bahamas ready to make economical impact in Nassau

October 24, 2018

Posted by: Andy Simmons

DevDigital Bahamas ready to make economical impact in Nassau

They say you shouldn’t mix work with pleasure.

Don’t tell that to DevDigital, as they’ve opened shop at one of the top vacation destinations in the entire world in Nassau and The Bahamas.
The move to put an office in paradise is not an excuse to soak up the sun, as DevDigital is looking to contribute to the economy in Nassau and bring opportunity for those looking for work.

DevDigital partners Peter Marcum and Dr. Turner Nashe joined Guardian Radio’s Z Live: Off The Record with Zhivargo Laing, where they were interviewed on Sept. 12, to explain their software and web design business to the station and why they decided to come down here.
Marcum’s interest in the Bahamas stemmed from him making occasional visits down to the island to visit friends. As he continued to venture down there, however, he saw the potential to bring his business to a new destination. So much so, that he decided to buy property there.

“I’ve loved coming down here and have discussed doing business. It’s a good space,” Marcum said during the interview.
“The journey, being here in the Bahamas, is a wonderful thing. You wake up, and it’s beautiful. We also like to experience a new culture and new ideas. There’s a tremendous opportunity to retain capital here, because the taxation is different. We think we’ll be doing business all around the Caribbean from here.”

Laing expressed on air during the interview how he thinks the opening of DevDigital in the Bahamas is a great opportunity to create jobs for those on the island.

“It’s a great opportunity for training, and for the kinds of businesses we’ve been trying to attract to the Bahamas. You need people who can write software and can do these different kinds of things. Now is the time to do that kind of training, so as companies look at that territory, they get to have the talent that they need without having to wait for it to be there,” Laing said.

DevDigital Bahamas is looking to attract clients by preaching it’s seven guiding beliefs: Honesty, living up to their word, Rewarding their people, building new business equity, financial integrity, leadership development from within, and believing in motivated people.

The office hopes to begin staffing the Bahamas office soon, using some of DevDigital’s current personnel to help build and train potential employees.

“As time goes on, we’ll begin hiring staff. We’ll be using some of own people, but we’ll eventually be training and hiring staff. We say websites, but we can do so much more,” Marcum said.
“We hope it’s large. We’re always very humble going into an enterprise, so we’re going to work hard. Hopefully it’s very large, but we don’t know right now.”

Currently, Daniel McMahan serves as the Global Solutions Strategist for DevDigital Bahamas, and the branch recently picked up its first client in Global Sun, a regional leader organization providing end to end IT and project management.

Those interested in becoming a client with DevDigital Bahamas can call (242) 810-1161, email, or visit their office at 852 West Bay, Unit 3, Nassau, Nassau The Bahamas.

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