DevDigital's June

June 3, 2016

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DevDigital's June

The technology sector has blazed trails and paved the way for the biggest advances of our time. From the development of the internet as we know it, to the instantaneous mobile access we depend on--one thing is certain: innovation in the tech realm has shaped the world that we currently live in.

This month's "Did You Know?" focuses on the best practices of creating change in the tech sector, emerging trends, and innovative projects already in place.

We hope you enjoy reading about innovation in this fast paced sector. If these articles inspire you to join the innovation revolution, contact DevDigital today to get started on your very own website or app!

DevDigital Client "GlowMotion Technologies" Shines Bright at the Billboard Music Awards

One of DevDigital’s clients, Glow Motion Technologies, had a huge presence at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards that were held on May 22nd at Las Vegas’ brand new T-Mobile Arena. The Nashville based company played a huge role in Madonna and Stevie Wonder’s tribute to Prince and also Meghan Trainor's performance of her new single “No.” The crowd lit up as they wore LED wristbands that synced with the performances.

Social Media is a Great Research Tool

Social media has become one of the most loved methods of reaching a targeted audience in our digital culture. However, social media can also be used to gather information instead of just spreading information. When done intentionally, social media can be used to gain insight about how to reach your target audience. Social Media and marketing are not strangers to one another, but they should be used more proactively than most marketers realize. In an article by Bob Hutchins for Social Media Today, he presents 5 ways to use social media for market research.

Tech Talent is Hard To Come By

IT is a field driven by innovation. As technology advances at a rapid pace, the most qualified talent rises to the top—and are sought after. As more companies seek to implement disruptive technologies, the talent to carry out these endeavors is scarce. However, the most innovative companies are realizing that the most valuable skills are actually adaptability and agility.

State of IT

Are you curious about the trending topics in the tech field right now? Spiceworks put together a “State of IT” report that covers the 2016 projections, budgets, and trends of the technology sector. This extensive report covers the need-to-know information for anyone interested in knowing more about the state of tech.

The IT Landscape is Transforming

In an industry forecast from Forrester and IDC, the tech industry is projected to change drastically within the next five years. Newer entities are expected to gain traction and the companies with the quickest innovation will thrive. Talent will continue to be scarce, but IT will light the path to the future.

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