Entrepreneurs: Born or Made?

October 16, 2014

Posted by: Grant Owens

Entrepreneurs: Born or Made?

UK insurance company Hiscox published an infographic a few months ago showing some findings from their recent DNA of an Entrepreneur study.

The infographic is interesting, highlighting some of the very same things we believe about entrepreneurs. (Mainly that it’s the person, not the idea, that makes a company.)

So, what traits are the best for entrepreneurs to cultivate? Here’s our list (backed up by research):


Entrepreneurs are never, ever happy with the status quo.

Sometimes this makes them hard to be around. They’re restless, always looking for ways to improve their situation or surroundings. But, you can always trust an entrepreneur to be reaching for something just out of their reach--and to be relentless in pursuing it.


Entrepreneurs don’t hear the word “no.”

According to Hiscox, ⅓ of entrepreneurs were driven to work harder during the economic downturn rather than give up. One fourth of them reported being stronger and more determined because of the circumstances.

The world is harsh, and entrepreneurs make it even harder on themselves. The ability to keep going when everything seems to be going wrong is the mark of someone who will succeed.


Entrepreneurs don’t see the world as it is. They see the world as it could be. And they believe they can make it that way.

Confidence and optimism go along with resilience. In the face of overwhelming odds, the most successful entrepreneurs know their vision can come to life and they’re the ones to make it happen.


Because of the hoodie-wearing hacker image, it can be easy to think entrepreneurs are just starry eyed visionaries with no work ethic.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Entrepreneurs discipline themselves every day to get the work done. They don’t have a boss or manager to make sure they meet their goals; it’s all up to them. The best entrepreneurs quickly learn to manage this independence and make it work for them.

It might be true that certain genetics lend themselves to entrepreneurship. But, in uncertain economic times, everyone can benefit from thinking more like an entrepreneur. It’s just a matter of cultivating the right qualities.


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