What is the Main Draw of Social Media?

April 7, 2016

Posted by: Kelsey Kinsel

What is the Main Draw of Social Media?

Social media has skyrocketed to become one of the most popular mechanisms of human interaction. Communicating through social media has become a commonplace way for people to connect with one another—personally and professionally. What is it exactly that draws people into social networking, though? Social media attracts engagement because it:

  •          Encourages users to exercise creativity
  •          Provides the autonomy to choose who and what to interact with
  •          Evokes emotional responses to content
  •          Creates visually stimulating images

Perhaps one of the most striking observations is that social media allows its users to exercise two of the top 10 skills of the 21st century —creativity and emotional intelligence simultaneously.

Each time a post is made, it requires creativity to develop the words and content that is going to be posted. As soon as the content is posted, other users choose whether or not to engage with the content that appears in their newsfeeds. While there are millions of content creators, the social media users that create value are the ones who develop relationships and trust with their viewers.

Social media makes virtually anyone accessible and enables companies and individuals to expand their networks. The reward of consistent social media use is an expanded circle of influence, immediate access to important information, the choice to engage with appealing content, and creative autonomy when choosing which conversations to contribute to. In a world where anything is within reach, social media provides a way to directly relate to your most desired audience.

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