DevDigital Celebrates International Women's Day

March 8, 2022

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DevDigital Celebrates International Women's Day

March 8 is International Women’s Day, a day set aside to recognize the cultural, economic, and political contributions of women around the world. The first IWD gathering was held in 1911. Things have definitely changed since then! Technological evolution has created new opportunities for women and men, including in creating software, designing websites, and helping businesses get found on the Web.  

DevDigital chose to celebrate IWD 2022 by highlighting the women in the USA and in India who code, test, manage, and market services. 

Women in Technology

The official Website of International Women’s Day lists some statistics on women in technology that might be interesting to consider: 


  • In 1984, 37.1% of computer and IT graduates were women. That figure had dropped to 17.6% in 2010.  

  • 24% of computing jobs are held by women (per the American Enterprise Institute). 

  • About 19% of STEM graduates are women.  

  • Women leave the tech industry at a rate 45% higher than men. 

  • Among women who leave, 28% cite a lack of career opportunities as the reason, or main reason, for leaving.  


There’s so much more that could be said about women in (information) technology, but let’s shift gears a little. 

Women in Tech at DevDigital

DevDigital somewhat breaks the mold in technology by having a woman leading the Project Management Office, managing the company finances, serving as Chief Operating Officer, and leading the quality assurance (QA) team in India. Heather Johnson heads up the company’s digital marketing (search engine optimization) work for both DevDigital and for quite a few of our clients.  


Creating a great experience for users of your mobile app or website is a must. Furthermore, no Web project or mobile app is done until it has some content and survives some testing. We have so many female developers, project managers, and managers that we need a series of blog posts to share their biographies. We also believe that a great working environment produces great products and services. Several women noted that they feel valued at DevDigital because the company values work-life balance, something super important to a working mother, and has a supportive management team.   


We did a little survey of the women of DevDigital in February, garnering 36 responses. You’ll be able to read over two dozen short bios of programmers, quality assurance analysts, digital marketers, and senior management. You’ll be able to learn what they wrote about themselves and their backgrounds in our next blogs. We’ll look at digital marketing, web development, content/design/QA, and sales and operations.  A further read will also have you hear about what International Women's Day means to our ladies in the Center of Excellence (COE) located in Vadodara, India. 

The Celebration Continues

Read on to learn more about our great people and their contributions to DevDigital. And, if you need a great website or a killer mobile app, get in touch. 

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